Toshiko Wada

"I always believed that I can do anything, and this is my strength. Everybody has the chance to make it."
Toshiko Wada
Toshiko Wada began her unique journey 8 years ago as the first female sales manager at Teva Seiyaku in Japan. Despite starting her career at the age of 36 with no previous pharmaceutical experience, Toshiko learned quickly, developed her management skills and built important relationships with healthcare professionals and pharmacists to help promote a better understanding of generic drugs in Japan. Her subsequent promotion to sales office manager was a significant career development achievement, where women in Japan comprise less than 1% of all Medical Representatives in managerial positions.

When her former company was acquired by the Teva Group in 2012, Toshiko and her colleagues enjoyed greater professional opportunities, improved benefits and a friendlier work environment for everyone, including maternity leaves and allowances for employees working away from their family.

Toshiko’s continued motivation and outstanding performance earned her recognition both internally with colleagues and among customers. “I always focus on what is necessary for the job, not as a woman but as a professional.” However, she did regard being a woman one of her advantages as a salesperson, since it is still somewhat unique in the local industry.

More recently, Toshiko took a new direction in her career and joined the Channel Promotion Department, at her request, in order to continue her professional development and learn more about different customer views.

For those looking to develop their career at Teva, Toshiko’s advice is: “Take advantage of the many opportunities for career development offered by Teva, and put your heart into your work, since none of our efforts make us successful without passion!”