Dr. Galit Gonen

Where does the UK’s top corporate lawyer in the area of intellectual property work? At Teva, of course!
Dr. Galit Gonen
Dr. Galit Gonen, Teva VP and General Counsel for Europe, has been recognised several times as one of the brightest legal minds in the industry, including the 2014 Legal 500 awards and the European and then Global IP Counsel of the Year awards by the International Law Office (ILO) in 2013.

In her role at Teva, Galit is responsible for enforcing the intellectual property of Teva's specialty medicines, defending Teva's commercial interests, and challenging patents in appropriate cases to facilitate market access for Teva's generic business. Her in-depth expertise of both science and law, as well as her business vision, commercial sense, and straightforward communication style all contribute to her recognition and career development as a top calibre leader.

Galit also attributes her achievements to the outstanding ongoing collaboration of the Teva Europe legal team. “Teva takes an innovative and enthusiastic approach to our business,” Galit added, "It is work around the clock but I really love what I do!"

Galit began working in Teva’s Legal department in 2001, established Teva’s European litigation team in 2008 and has led the company through many successful IP litigations over the past years, serving as European General Counsel since 2013. During this time she also earned a doctorate degree on the subject of secondary patents in the pharmaceutical industry.

Galit’s advice to employees who want to develop their career at Teva is to have an open mind, aspire high while being realistic, and invest not only in professional skills but also in communication and collaboration skills. Teva is a great company to work for. It has a size advantage but still remains flexible with an entrepreneurial spirit. Hard work and professionalism are usually recognized but sometimes it is good to be patient about it. Teva has great people, and through good communication, many advantages will follow. Guaranteed!