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Building a next generation pharmaceutical company requires partners and new technologies, ideas, medicines, and insights. These can come from anywhere in the world. If you have innovations or ideas that will help transform our industry we want to hear from you. The following will help guide you on the opportunities for partnership with Teva.

    This webpage has the following sections:

    1. Teva’s general criteria for specialty medicines

    2. Drug modalities of interest

    3. Current therapeutic areas of interest and enabling technologies

      • Late-stage opportunities
      • Central nervous system (CNS)
        1. Neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders
        2. Pain
        3. Migraine & headache
        4. Neuropsychiatry
        5. Related orphan indications/genetically defined adjacencies
      • Respiratory Diseases
        1. Asthma
        2. COPD
        3. Cystic fibrosis
      • Oncology
      • Biosimilars
      • Personalized medicine solutions, e.g. diagnostics, prognostics and predictor assays
      • Technologies

    4. International Markets opportunities
    5. How to contact us


    We evaluate opportunities using the following criteria:

    1. Addresses significant unmet medical need

      • Unequivocally meets unmet needs anticipated at the time the opportunity makes it to the market
      • Not only addresses the needs of patients and their families, but also those of healthcare professionals and payers
    2. Supports Teva’s personalized medicine initiatives to deliver the right therapy to the right patients at the correct dose
    3. Solutions that can be further enabled through, or can serve as, digital interfaces with patients
    4. Complementary and/or supportive to the Teva commercial footprint, our pipeline and our current therapeutic areas of interest as set out here:
    5. Synergistic with Teva’s capabilities
      • E.g. Where Teva can leverage its patient support services infrastructure such as Shared Solutions®.


    • Teva is interested in a broad array of approaches:
      • Small molecule drugs
      • Biologic opportunities (peptides, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, etc.)
      • Biosimilar opportunities
      • Reformulation or delivery opportunities that offer clinically meaningful benefits and potential for expedited regulatory review
      • New drug modalities including long-acting RNA interference drugs, vaccines against self-antigens, CRISPR therapeutics and small molecules that control ribosomal activity


    A. Late-stage opportunities
    Teva wants to hear about on- or near- market opportunities that complement our commercial presence across all therapeutic areas and across all our commercial regions. Please feel free to contact us should you have a late-stage opportunity.

    B. Central nervous system (CNS)

    • Neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders
      Teva aims to address the substantial unmet need of neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders as evidenced by the acquisition of Auspex in 2015, and its lead program, Austedo® (formerly SD-809), which is now approved in the USA for the treatment of chorea associated with Huntington disease. At the same time, we desire to limit the risk of failure in the clinic by focusing on well characterized disorders with biomarkers for disease progression, patient subtyping, characterization (including target validation) and diagnosis where feasible.
      • Treatment areas include:
        • Multiple Sclerosis:
          • Therapies targeting neuroprotection, remyelination, and regeneration pathways
          • Teva is not seeking opportunities in general anti-inflammatory mechanisms, undifferentiated S1P agents, fumarates, injectable immune-modulators, or estrogenic therapies for MS.
        • Parkinson’s disease
        • Huntington disease
        • Related orphan indications / genetically defined adjacencies, e.g. orphan neurodegenerative diseases (such as neuromyelitis optica)
      • Stage of opportunity:
        • Discovery-stage disease modifying therapies with biomarkers to identify the responder population
        • IND ready, clinical stage, and marketed opportunities
    • Pain
      Teva is committed to being a leader in pain therapies as evidenced by our marketed pain portfolio and pipeline programs that include Fasinumab (anti-NGF antibody), partnered with Regeneron ( September 2016)
      • Treatment areas
        • Chronic pain (neuropathic, nociceptive and visceral pain)
        • Breakthrough cancer pain
      • Stage of opportunity
        • All stages, discovery through market
        • Reformulated marketed drugs meeting the general criteria above
      • Not seeking:
        • Treatments for acute pain 
    • Migraine & headache
      Teva is committed to being a world-leader in migraine and headache, demonstrated by our acquisition of Labrys Biologics in 2014 and the partnership with Heptares in 2015
      • Treatment areas
        • Acute, episodic and chronic migraine, including migraine sub-types (e.g., menstrual migraine) and migraine-related syndromes
        • Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias (e.g., Cluster Headache)
        • Post-traumatic headache
      • Stage of opportunity
        • All stages, discovery through market
        • Reformulated marketed drugs meeting the general criteria above
    • Neuropsychiatry
      • New Therapeutic Entities (NTEs) and New Chemical Entities (NCEs) with clinical proof of concept (POC) that:
        • Improve adherence
        • Provide improved long term treatment
        • Are effective on the negative symptoms of schizophrenia
        • Treat cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia
        • Address treatment resistant depression / inadequate response

    C. Respiratory

    Our respiratory portfolio is both broad and deep, occupying a leading position in this therapeutic area. In 2016 and 2017 we received approvals for a range of new products, including: ProAir Respiclick®, AirDuoTM RespiClick®, ArmonAirTM RespiClick® and Cinqair®. Additionally, in 2015, we completed the acquisition of the CareTRx platform (Gecko Health Innovations) in support of building a suite of connected solutions to further engage our patients and physicians and enhance disease management.

    •  Disease areas (both symptomatic and disease modifying)
      • Asthma
      • COPD
      • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Stage of opportunity
      • Compounds targeting clinically validated (human POC) targets at any stage of development (e.g. leads, IND, clinic, etc.) are preferred.
      • Compounds that have clearly defined MOA with strong rationale for clinical activity (including biomarker data) in the disease area are also considered
    • Respiratory co-development partnerships
      • Partnerships with companies that have compounds for inhalation development where our technologies (e.g. Teva’s proprietary Tidal Inhaler) and expertise in inhaled drug delivery can be leveraged
    • Respiratory technologies
      • Digital connectivity technologies that further engage patients and physicians
      • Prognostic and predictive technologies that will facilitate demonstrating improved outcomes in patients

    D. Oncology

    • Treatment areas
      • Hematologic malignancies
      • Solid tumor indications
      • Innovative approaches to supportive care, e.g., oral mucositis, anti-emesis, neutropenia, and other adverse effects related to chemotherapy
    • Stage of opportunity
      • Only on- or near- market opportunities that complement our commercial presence
    • Therapeutic modalities
      • Including small molecules, biologics, and biosimilars

    E. Biosimilars
    Teva understands the potential biosimilars have as a growth driver to our long term strategy. We currently have 3 marketed biosimilar products Eporatio (epoetin theta), Ovaleap® (follitropin alfa) and Tevagrastim (filgrastim) and in 2016 entered into a partnership with Celltrion for US and Canadian rights to their biosimilar programs for Rituxan® (rituximab) and Herceptin® (trastuzumab).

    Successful biosimilar opportunities would have the following attributes:

    • Short time to market
    • High level of CMC execution supported by pre-clinical packages that clearly prove biosimilarity in the context of guidelines established by worldwide regulatory agencies
    • Possible consideration of earlier stage R&D collaborative efforts on wave 3 biosimilar products

    F. Personalized medicine solutions, e.g. diagnostics, prognostics and predictor assays
    Teva is interested in technologies that support our therapeutic areas from early diagnosis, subtyping, prognosis and prediction, through to disease monitoring, e.g. prognosing upcoming exacerbations. All development stages of personalized medicine solutions (biomarkers and digital markers included) are relevant. Primary interest is focused on:

    • Point of care solutions
      • Designed for in-office use by healthcare professionals
    • In-home solutions
      • Designed for use by patients in the home setting
    • Mobile / app-based solutions and software as medical devices (SaMD)
      • Validated experimentally
      • Designed for use by patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike

    G. Technologies and patient solutions
    Teva is also interested in cutting edge technologies. We executed a deal with Microchips  and the CareTRx (Gecko Health Innovations) platform

    • eHealth / mHealth technologies
    • Patient connectivity technologies and devices
      • Wearable /on body injectors
      • Implantable devices
      • Bio-Feedback
    • Smart-packaging solutions
    • Delivery technologies, including
      • Drug-device combinations
      • Formulations
      • Innovation in needle technologies
      • Transdermal technologies
      • Microneedle technologies
      • Gastro-retention technologies

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    Our business development activities are led by pharmaceutical professionals with extensive experience in managing discussions, structuring deals and executing agreements.

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