30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star: Manuel Allendesalazar

Congratulations to Manuel Allendesalazar, Forecasting Business Manager in Teva’s Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence, recognized as a “30 under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star”! This award from the Institute for Supply Management and Thomas highlights his valuable contributions as a talented young supply chain professional, and all he does to ensure that Teva medicines reach the patients who need them.

Story reprinted with permission from Thomas.net - http://30under30.thomasnet.com  

30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star: Manuel Allendesalazar


Manuel Allendesalazar has a command of navigating the global space through analytics. The European marketplace is an intricate environment layered with cultural, financial and operational differences; Allendesalazar has routinely found ways of extracting actionable data from a vast sea of information and
developing systems to provide meaningful analysis in the future.

Allendesalazar’s career began with PricewaterhouseCoopers Spain, where he was involved with the implementation of SAP Forecasting and Replenishment, a project resulting in the automation of the forecasting and replenishment process of 1.5 million SKUs across more than 150 retail stores. From there, Allendesalazar moved to his current role in global operations for Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Allendesalazar continued to expand on his analytical aptitude with the design and development of a set
of tools used to improve the forecasting and S&OP processes at Teva. Initially implemented in France
and Spain, the toolset achieved a sustained forecast accuracy of more than 84 percent, resulting in substantial inventory reduction savings and a decrease in write-offs. The SAS- and QlikView-based tools are now used globally across the organization.

Allendesalazar has also used his comprehensive approach to lead in the organization, having served as the market focal point of the European region for Teva’s annual operation plan. In this role, Allendesalazar was responsible for explaining to top management the demand drivers and organizational results from a 27-country region. His success comes from the ability to navigate
complexity while politely and professionally championing his opinion — an important quality for an analytics authority.

An avid chess player since his youth, Allendesalazar has always held an interest in tactical games. He enjoys studying the mathematical aspects of Texas Hold’em poker, competing in tournaments at a national level. He also regularly plays soccer and padel, a racquet sport akin to tennis. Allendesalazar was nominated by Juan Gomez Martin of Teva