PharmaTimes Features Dr. Galit Gonen

Dr. Galit Gonen, Teva’s award-winning General Counsel for Europe and Head of Litigation, is featured in PharmaTimes magazine

PharmaTimes Features Dr. Galit Gonen

PharmaTimes Smart People

PharmaTimes magazine has devoted a feature article in their “Smart People” section to Teva’s Dr. Galit Gonen, where she discusses her dual role at Teva and the challenges in practicing pharmaceutical law in Europe.

Galit serves as European General Council and Head of Litigation, leading a multi-national, cross-disciplinary team of dozens of lawyers based in over 10 countries. Together, they undertake some of the most complex, high value and cutting edge patent, regulatory, market access and competition litigation in Europe. Galit and her team manage litigation while supporting both the generic and European specialty businesses in their day-to-day affairs.

Seeing law as an enabler of growth, Galit’s team of like-minded lawyers are always keen to learn more, explore creative ideas and find new arguments, all with a true passion for improving the lives of patients in Europe.

The Challenges in Practicing Pharmaceutical Law in Europe

In the article, Galit explains some of the challenges currently faced by Teva in Europe. These challenges directly affect her work. She notes, “we constantly see healthcare budgets becoming more and more stretched. On the legal front, it means finding new ways of giving the company a competitive edge so we are able to continue supplying high-quality medicines at affordable prices to patients.” Galit adds that for Teva, the business models for the generics and the specialty businesses are different, which is reflected in the approach to IP litigation.

Success in this challenging field, Galit explains, does not depend only on professional excellence. “The job as much about reestablishing relationships with your opponents as it is building relationships with allies”. In addition, Galit’s team is not only the guardian of the business, but a true business partner and value creator for Teva. Leadership skills are a key factor for success, and so are professional development tools. Galit notes, “I strive to be an agent of change and innovation in the constantly developing field of IP and European litigation; to inspire my team and to enable them to co-create new initiatives that will better support our business.”

Summing up, Galit remarks that, “for me, it is a playful contrast: in order to build strong working relationships, I may need to abandon my litigator's persona. I need to relate to people when there are differences of opinion, or approach. The key is to apply soft skills optimally, so that the extraordinary talent in our team is best leveraged and my team members can achieve their full potential.”

Uniquely Qualified for Success

Dr. Gonen is considered one of world's leading IP lawyers, having won the International Law Office’s European and Global Counsel Awards in 2013, the Legal 500 UK Awards for IP Individual of the year in 2014, and the Editor’s Choice for the European Women in Business Law award in the IP category for 2015. In addition to being an expert in generic and specialty pharmaceutical intellectual property law, Galit is also a pharmacist. This makes her uniquely qualified for her role as Teva’s General Counsel in Europe.

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