Teva Germany Celebrates 100% Compliance

Teva's Truck Fleet Germany (TTFG) represents a true competitive advantage for Teva Germany. Now, TTFG has proven itself again. This year, TTFG was the only transport logistics provider among companies in Europe that was "fully compliant" with the 2016 Transport Fleet Check. Teva Germany is celebrating this success, which marks the third year of full compliance in a row!
Teva Germany Celebrates 100% Compliance
Teva German's Truck Fleet Celebrates Three Years of 100% Compliance

The remarkable contribution provided by TTFG depends on operation at an exceptionally high standard. Trained and highly motivated staff, lean, demand-focused and efficient processes, innovative and smart transport solutions as well as high-tech equipment are crucial factors for effective performance.
The division's goal is to deliver unparalleled quality while ensuring compliance. This includes providing maximum efficiency and sustainability, as well as flexibility and assured reliability.
Implementing and complying with regulations and legislation put in place by individual authorities, countries and clients in a binding and sustainable manner has now become an enormous challenge.
“We are extremely proud of the positive results of the 4th Fleet Check, carried out in May”, commented Bernd Schlumpberger, Head of the Fleet & Transport Management division, praising the success of his staff. “Always being two steps ahead of the competition has enabled us, despite increasing demands and ever more difficult conditions, to continue playing at the top of our game. In this way, we continue to make a major contribution to the company’s overall success.”
The TTFG division's dedication and commitment has resulted in this remarkable repeat result. TTFG is committed to doing its utmost to maintain this level of performance. In so doing, it will continue to provide high-quality, efficient, compliant, reliable and innovative transport logistics service to Teva Germany, and maintain this standard of performance over the long term.