Improving Health for Billions Worldwide

For nearly 115 years, we at Teva have thrived by keeping patients at the center of our mission.
Improving Health for Billions Worldwide

Through more than 35,000 formulations, covering nearly every major therapeutic area, we have improved the health of billions worldwide. In our partnerships with other organizations, we deliver services beyond medicines to improve health outcomes and enhance patient comfort.

Our success derives from our relentless drive to understand patient needs and meet them through innovation, identify global trends and respond using our flexible business model. Our portfolio of generics greatly expands access to affordable medicines around the world. At a time when healthcare systems in both developed and developing nations struggle with rising healthcare costs, generics are filing a critical need, particularly for the most vulnerable communities.

In specialty medicines, Teva is a world leader in innovative treatments for disorders of the Central Nervous System (CNS), including pain, and has a strong portfolio of products to treat respiratory disorders. Our growing work innovating around existing molecules to create New Therapeutic Entities (NTEs), offers further promise. To develop an NTE, we take an already known molecule and modify or use it in a novel way to meet patient needs and bring added benefit. Specifically, we seek to enable patients to be able to take their medicine in an easier form, less frequently, enjoy better outcomes, or experience fewer side effects.

Citizens in Service to Others, Globally

As a leading global healthcare company, we are deeply engaged with the issues relevant to our stakeholders and our business, such as accessibility and affordability of medicines; patient safety and patient support services; strengthening healthcare systems and acting ethically and responsibly.

Since 2010, Teva has upheld ethical standards throughout our business by participating in the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative, and ratified our commitment to act with the highest ethical standards in our renewed Code of Business Conduct set in 2013. And with our Target Zero aspiration, launched in 2012, we are setting our sights on zero incidents, zero injuries and zero releases into the environment. We seek to systematically curb emissions and accidents, every year, by 2020. These targets will inspire us to safeguard each other’s well-being and also that of our neighbors in the communities where we do business. We intend to further examine our material impacts in the coming year.

In an era of remarkable changes to the world’s population, economy and society, many new healthcare needs continually emerge while others remain unmet. As Teva progresses to respond to these challenges, we continue our legacy as a company driven by patient needs, where patient intervention is as important as chemical intervention. Our success is measured by the improvement of people’s lives.